Announcing the Every Hour Counts National Learning Community!

Every Hour Counts put out a call for applications for a new initiative: a peer learning community composed of expanded-learning systems-builders ready to take their system to the next level. Today we are excited to announce the Every Hour Counts National Learning Community has launched with 13 cities and counties from around the country.

The 13 cities and counties selected to join the Every Hour Counts National Learning Community represent a diverse membership, by geography, by expertise and types of systems, and with leadership by non-profits, city agencies, and local foundations. We are delighted to bring together leaders from such a rich variety of perspectives to learn from each other, strengthen their own systems, and to contribute to the broader expanded-learning field.

“Every Hour Counts has helped intermediaries – which can play key roles in coordinating and supporting high-quality and summer learning efforts in communities – learn from each other and be more effective,” said Nancy Devine, Director of Learning and Enrichment, The Wallace Foundation. “We’re pleased to see the organization take this step to extend its reach. The number of cities with afterschool systems is an indication of the field’s maturation.”

The members of the Every Hour Counts National Learning Community include:

“The connections and leaders in this network are really valuable to us at Boston After School & Beyond as an organization. One of the things we’re looking forward to working with the National Learning Community on is a big issue on the horizon – how we go to sustainable, scalable systems,” said Every Hour Counts partner Chris Smith, Executive Director, Boston Afterschool & Beyond. “We think we need to fill two gaps to do that. One is an imagination gap, thinking about what the system will look like beyond schools, and one is an expectation gap. Making that case together will help each of us locally as we try to do this and certainly it will help us nationally as a collective.”

With the addition of the 13 National Learning Community cities and counties, Every Hour Counts doubles its reach, which includes cities, schools, and students. Every Hour Counts communities, including the ten Every Hour Counts partners, now collectively support partnerships with more than 3,500 schools, districts, and community-based organizations that provide quality expanded-learning programming and initiatives that reach more than 500,000 students.

We are grateful to the generous support of The Wallace Foundation for its investment to help create this National Learning Community.



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