Introducing New Blogger Natasha Kellett

This week a new voice joins the Every Hour Counts blog. Natasha Kellett, our new Communications and Policy Manager, will be regularly posting content highlighting expanded learning. Keep an eye on the blog for articles with promising practices, new research, policy updates, a new STEM series, and more.

Hello readers! My name is Natasha Kellett, and I am excited to join the conversation about all things expanded learning. My passion for student access to high-quality expanded learning opportunities stems from my experience as a kindergarten teacher with Teach for America and as a program coordinator at iMentor. Seeing my students’ thirst for learning deepen and their social and emotional skills grow as a result of enrichment experiences was instrumental to me as an educator and made me want to work at the systems level to ensure all students had similar opportunities.

Every Hour Counts will be posting regular content intended to provide resources and spark conversation in the expanded learning field. We want to hear from you! Email us with guest blog post pitches, share the innovative expanded learning systems work your organization is doing, and give us your feedback about the articles you read here.

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