Building Data Systems: Tips and Resources

Yesterday the Collaborative for Building After-School Systems (CBASS) participated in a webinar about harnessing the power of data to improve OST programs. Session speakers discussed the value of collecting and sharing data across systems and highlighted some best practices and valuable resources.

The webinar took as its launching point the fact that city-wide approaches to after-school education are growing. As they do so, providers are increasingly looking for help in gathering and sharing data, or building “management information systems” (MIS). Management information systems are comprised of various stakeholders (e.g. funders, agency managers, program staff, parents, and school principals) and the ways they might want to use, evaluate and share data.building_management_information_systems_toolkit_nlc

We learned that as cities are developing management information systems, it is important that they identify each stakeholder and the questions they want to answer, as well as to ensure that information flows in a two-way street among program providers to funders and OST networks.

Below is a list of resources on collecting, using and sharing data to improve out-of-school-time programs that were shared during the webinar and #afterschooldata Twitter chat.

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